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OMG my song!!!

2007-12-01 13:50:17 by codinh91

Check this vid out!!! R_20071109
(u can skip the first 5 mins...)


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2008-01-06 15:39:38

Hehe,awesome dude. Were you contacted before about it?

codinh91 responds:

of course! and htanks 4 the comment! you're the first one...


2008-02-16 08:16:26

i really hope u and i can collab one day.

codinh91 responds:

Oh yeah? i would be honored! but i suck in flash... :3


2008-02-22 17:55:46

Hey bro, I suck at it too, but if theres 2 of us, we can make it suck so bad itll be GOOD.

Thats how the KK rolls, homie.


2008-02-28 18:10:35

your songs rock

codinh91 responds:

whoa thanks man!


2008-03-01 09:37:39


codinh91 responds:



2008-03-01 09:39:49

and no,I'm not italian.

codinh91 responds:

hm k.


2008-04-06 14:00:41

Cool! NG can make you famous, y'know, so don't be surprised if it does.

codinh91 responds:

well, i am a little surprised... :3


2008-04-16 13:23:57

Hey i PMD you please reply


2008-08-28 01:42:04

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codinh91 responds:

:3 !!!


2008-09-10 01:06:21

Yer music is fucking DOPE.

codinh91 responds:

yay! but because of some idiots that keep voting their music 5 and mine 0, now my best songs are in the bottom of the list. >:(


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